Carlo Ratii manager MIT Senseable City Lab
24th April 2019

Studies on the use of shared cars in the city of NY. Particularly, in the case of taxis it would radically change sustainable mobility in the city of NY.

Vini Maas co-founder and main architec of MVRDV
1st March 2019

Discussion about urban planning and design, construction projects and mobility.

Paul Priestman. Design and the future of cities
11th February 2019

Collective transport designing will have an essential role to adapt to the new mobility trends and consumers' needs.

Breakfast colloquium organized in collaboration with Isabel Pardo, the president of ADIF
11th February 2019

Adif faces the challenges of reaching a level of fees that, on the one hand, allows to finance the maintenance of the network and, on the other hand, the free entry of competitors in the liberalized market.