Workshops & Discussion Panels


A virtual, exclusive & unique closed-door workshop organized by IE University and IFSWF (International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds)

This two-day workshop covered key aspects related to the empowerment of pioneering global sovereign wealth funds to discover the full potential of investing in sustainability. With the collaboration of the IE Center for Transport Economics & Infrastructure Management, the Center and its corporate partners, CAF and Alstom,  led the session "Infrastructure and COVID-19: The railway transportation challenge".



The president of Adif, Isabel Pardo de Vera and her management team, showed in a transparent way, the strategic lines that the company will follow in towards the liberalization of the passenger railway market. "Europe recognizes that we are the most transparent model of liberalization and we have the duty to be a model of reference  for the  next countries within the process". In this process, cultural transformation will be a key factor to take advantage of the generational change and continue to maintain the generation of knowledge . Similarly, the company will experience a digital transformation to enhance all its assets and make them more attractive to stakeholders.

Workshop on Islamic Infrastructures and Finance

A workshop organized by the center in collaboration with the IE Foundation and the PhD in Javier Capapé Strategy. Prof. Capapé is also Director and associate professor at Sovereign Wealth Funds IE. During this workshop, participants were able to understand and discuss the different business opportunities of the infrastructure sector in the Islamic world.

Workshop in collaboration with ADIF

During this session, members and participants of the center were able to discuss and delve into on current issues such as the liberalization of passenger rail transport in Spain and the investment plan in infrastructures.

The workshop featured first-hand reflections of important personalities such as Isabel Pardo, President of ADIF; María Luisa Domínguez, the General Director of Strategic Planning; María Esther Mateos, D.Gral of Security, Processes and Corporate Systems and Juan Pablo Villanueva, General Director of Construcción.